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Hi! My name is Yulia. I am a professional teacher of Russian and I am here to help you learn Russian in a way that is most suitable for you. Let’s go!

About Me

My name is Yulia Kovalenko, I am a teacher of Russian language with 18 years of experience. I know! It’s a lot, right? In my 18 years of teaching I worked in universities, in language courses as well as had my own private practice – with serious corporate clients and individaulas who wanted to study Russian for fun. Young students to top managers of big organizations. I know how to help you set up your goals, work out your own unique strategy for learning Russian, and get there. With your dedication and persistence and my knowledge and skills, you are garanteed to reach your goals. Book your free consultation and let’s get started!

Free consultation

You’re getting

Highly personalised lessons
Comfortable setting
Challenging tasks
Language skills for use in the real world
Ability to communicate in a new language
Better cross cultural communication skills
Better memory and overall brain function
Something to brag about


All lessons are one-on-one 60 minute sessions and include free learning materials.
An introductory / discovery meeting is always free.

Beginner 0-A1-A2

4-lesson bundle,
$25 per lesson

Speaking practice

4-lesson bundle,
$25 per lesson

Intermediate B1

4-lesson bundle,
$30 per lesson


4-lesson bundle,
$30 per lesson

Advanced B2-C1

4-lesson bundle,
$40 per lesson


4-lesson bundle,
$30 per lesson

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